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Diana Mangione

Regional Marketing

Aki Starr

Marketing & Promotions

Diana Mangione, born and raised in Rhode Island, is the youngest of a family of five. Coming from an Italian background, her passion for life and being very family oriented, stems
from generational tradition and old school values. Diana loves and appreciates all genres of music. In the era of the burgeoning rap and hip-hop culture, Diana totally immersed herself in the style, energy and the essence of  dance music. From her days as a teen breakdancing, pop locking and tearing up the dance floor doing the electric boogaloo, she was at the forefront of
the urban dance craze in her neighborhood.
Diana (affectionately known as ‘Ivy’) has been actively involved in the music business promoting and marketing events for bands at various venues around the local music scene. Today, she’s an integral part of the newly established record label Space Age Records (featuring legendary artist Planet Patrol) contributing her promotion and marketing skill and talents as the recording artist label’s Regional Marketing Assistant.

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