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Rod Butler was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. His work as an original member of the R&B, Electro-Funk, Freestyle vocal quintet known as Planet Patrol, produced two ground-breaking hits “Play At Your Own Risk” and “Cheap Thrills” on the Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. label.


Rod’s career spans over 35 years as an entertainer working with various singing groups around the Boston area. His first group was called The 4th Amendment (Apollo Theatre). He then joined Boston’s premier vocal group, The Ambitions (Mercury Records). After they disbanded, he became a member of the electrifying group known as The Energetics (Atlantic Records) who changed their name to Planet Patrol. Each group was known for their powerful vocals, harmonies and precision choreography which contributed to his growth as an entertainer. Despite his experience as a performing artist, the recording sessions on the Planet Patrol project with visionary producers Arthur Baker and John Robie served as a defining moment for Rod. One that introduced him to the creative aspects of songwriting and record production.


After his tenure with Planet Patrol, Rod took advantage of his hiatus from the music industry and sought spiritual guidance through the ministry of New England Teen Challenge. Upon receiving Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, Rod’s tenure of 10 years involved biblical studies and training for music ministry. He was singing, writing and producing Gospel songs as choir director for their ministry outreach team known as The Challengers. This experience gave his writing more depth and meaning. He states: “It’s so powerful to be inspired by an idea. Plant it like a seed, cultivate it into a story, take you on a musical journey in three to four minutes and have an entire generation embrace the message. That’s when you understand the impact songs can have and truly respect the art and the craft of songwriting.” Therefore, Rod pursued his musical interests as a songwriter/producer working on musical projects for himself and local artists.


In 2015 Rod had re-joined Planet Patrol along with original member Herb Jackson. Today, as a duo, they continue performing at concerts and venues across the country. He is also the President of Planet Patrol’s new recording label Space Age Records. Due to his experience in the music business as an executive, producer, songwriter and recording artist, Rod will serve as a valuable asset to the “Continuum” of the Planet Patrol brand through the platform of Space Age Records. 

Rod's songwriting/production work can be found at his website; and on Facebook R.B. | Facebook

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